Macrolepiota konradii


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Macrolepiota konradii (Huijsman ex. P.D. Orton) M.M. Moser syn. Lepiota konradii Huijsman ex. P.D. Orton (illustrated 35% life size) Cap 7–12cm across, ovate then slightly umbonate, becoming expanded and even depressed; brownish cuticle breaking up into large, adnate scales, exposing the white flesh beneath. Stem 100–150Γ—8–12mm, bulbous, tapering upwards; whitish, covered in small brownish scales. Flesh smell pleasant. Gills white. Spores 13–17Γ—8–10ΒΌ, ovoid, with apical germ-pore; Spore print white. Habitat in pasture, on heaths, and in open woods; late summer to late autumn. Occasional. Edible.

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