Bearded Amanita

Amanita ovoidea


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Bearded Amanita Amanita ovoidea (Bull.) Quél. (illustrated 25% life size) Cap 8–25cm across, remaining at the button stage for a long time and hemispherical at first. Stem 100–150×50mm, ending in a bulbous rooting base; scaly with delicate, mealy, white scales; volva is sack-like, creamy white to ochraceous in age; ring is white and of a delicate, mealy texture, soon breaking up. Flesh white; taste and smell slight. Gills free, crowded; white. Spores 10–12×6.5–7.5¼, broadly elliptical; amyloid. Spore print white. Habitat in or near mixed woodland, on calcareous soils; summer to autumn. Very rare in Britain, on Red Data List, more common for mainland Europe. Said to be edible but easily confused with other deadly species, so I strongly advise it should never be eaten.

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