Silky Rosegill

Volvariella bombycina


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Silky Rosegill Volvariella bombycina (Schaeff.) Singer (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 5–20cm across, ovoid then bell-shaped; whitish, covered in long, fine, yellowish, silky, almost hair-like fibres. Stem 70–150Γ—10–20mm, often curved, tapering upwards from the bulbous base; volva persistent, membranous, large, somewhat viscid, white at first, discolouring dingy brown. Flesh white, becoming faintly yellowish; taste slight, smell pleasant, like bean sprouts. Gills crowded; white then flesh-pink. Spores 8.5–10Γ—5–6ΒΌ, ellipsoid. Spore print pink. Habitat dead deciduous trees, usually elm, often in knot-holes or hollow trunks; early summer to autumn. Occasional. Edible very good.

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