Wood Blewit

Lepista nuda

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Wood Blewit Lepista nuda (Bull.) Cooke (illustrated (d) life size) Cap 6–12cm across, flattened-convex, becoming depressed and wavy; bluish-lilac at first then more brownish, drying paler. Stem 50–90×15–25mm, often slightly bulbous at the base; bluish-lilac; fibrillose. Flesh thick; bluish-lilac; taste and smell strongly perfumed. Gills crowded; bluish-lilac, fading with age to almost buff. Spores 6–8×4–5¼, ellipsoid, minutely spiny. Spore print pale pink. Habitat in woodland, hedgerows, and gardens; autumn to winter. Very common. Edible excellent.