Goldleaf Shield

Pluteus romellii

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Goldleaf Shield Pluteus romellii (Britzelm.) Sacc. syn. P. lutescens (Fr.) Bres. syn. P. nanus var. lutescens (Fr.) P. Karst (illustrated 65% life size) Cap 1.5–5cm across, flattened convex or slightly umbonate; dark cinnamon-brown, margin paler to yellow and scarcely striate; cap surface often wrinkled towards the centre. Stem 15–70×2–6mm; bright lemon-yellow, becoming chrome-yellow at base. Flesh yellow; thin. Gills free; chrome-yellow at first, then yellowish-pink. Spores 6.5×5.5¼, subglobose. Spore print pink. Pleurocystidia thin-walled, broadly vesiculose, clavate, or cylindrical; hyaline. Cap cuticle of spherical cells with projecting fusiform elements. Habitat on the ground amongst wood chips or other rotting deciduous wood, especially beech; late spring to autumn. Frequent. Edible.