Girdled Webcap Cortinarius trivialis



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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Girdled Webcap Cortinarius (Myxacium) trivialis J.E. Lange (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 3.5–11cm across, conico-convex then expanded and slightly umbonate; ochraceous-tawny to bay-brown; very viscid. Stem 50–120Γ—10–20mm; whitish at apex, concolorous with cap below and covered in whitish scales; viscid. Flesh pale yellowish, brownish below the cap cuticle and in the lower part of the stem; taste mild, smell none. Gills adnate to free; pale clay then ochre to rust. Spores 10–13Γ—6–7ΒΌ, almond-shaped, roughened. Spore print rust. Habitat in damp deciduous woods, usually with alder or willow; autumn. Uncommon. Unknown edibility.

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