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Cortinarius (Myxacium) mucifluus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Slimy Webcap Cortinarius (Myxacium) mucifluus Fr. (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 3.5–10cm across, convex then expanded with a broad umbo; ochre-buff to ochraceous-tawny, becoming paler towards the margin; glutinous when moist. Stem 15–150Γ—8–16mm; whitish, often tinged yellowish-buff, especially at the apex; silky white above the cortinal zone, covered in tiny, white, cottony scales from the veil below. Flesh whitish, tinged yellowish-buff in stem, especially at base; taste mild, smell none or honey-like. Gills adnate to free; whitish to pale clay, finally ochre-buff. Spores 13.5–16Γ—7–8.5ΒΌ, lemon-shaped, rough. Spore print rust. Habitat with Scots pine; late summer to autumn. Uncommon. Unknown edibility. Note in my first book this was named Cortinarius (Myxacium) pinicola Orton, but C. mucifluus is a much earlier name.

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