Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) subtortus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) subtortus (Pers.) Fr. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 4–7cm across, convex then flat; yellow-brown; slightly glutinous. Stem 40–80×8–11mm, with a clavate bulb; ochraceous. Flesh white with ochre tones; taste bitter, smell distinct, of incense or cedar-wood pencils. Gills adnate; for a long time greenish-grey, then red-brown. Spores 7.5–10.5×7–8.5µ, rounded. Spore print rust-brown. Habitat on moors or in acid coniferous or mixed woods; autumn. Very rare, vulnerable on Red Data List. Not edible.