Cortinarius (Telamonia) alnetorum

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Cortinarius (Telamonia) alnetorum (Velen.) M.M. Moser (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 1–3cm across, rather flat but with a large, prominent umbo; cocoa-brown when wet, drying brownish-fawn, almost black at the centre; covered in fine fibrils that give the cap a shiny appearance. Stem 25–65×2–4mm; similar colour to the cap, becoming darker with age. Flesh dark brown when wet; taste slight, smell slightly of pelargonium when crushed. Gills adnate, rather distant; dark brown. Spores 8.5–10×4.5–6¼, ovoid, slightly roughened. Spore print rust-brown. Habitat in alder bogs; autumn. Rare. Not edible.