Phaecollybia christinae


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Phaecollybia christinae (Fr.) Heim (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 1–5cm across, sharply conical with a pointed umbo; bright foxy red; sticky when moist, shining. Stem 40–120×3–6mm, long, slender, deeply rooting; pale yellowish at the apex, darker below; cartilaginous, smooth. Flesh firm, brittle; concolorous with cap; taste rather tart, smell strong, plant-like. Gills slightly adnexed, crowded, narrow; light to dark rusty yellow. Spores 8.7–9.8×4.7–5.3¼, almond-shaped, roughened. Spore print rust-brown. Habitat in damp coniferous woods; autumn. Rare in Europe, not recorded for Brtiain. Not edible.

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