Pholiota tuberculosa


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Pholiota tuberculosa (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 2–5cm across, subglobose, becoming convex to flattened; sulphur-yellow to orange, covered in small, rusty, flattened scales. Stem 30–60Γ—3–10mm, base swollen; yellow, becoming brownish towards base; smooth above the short-lived ring, flaky below. Flesh yellow, becoming reddish-brown on cutting; taste bitter, smell slight, mushroomy. Gills adnate; pale yellow, becoming spotted rusty brown. Spores 6.5–9Γ—4–5ΒΌ, kidney-shaped, smooth. Spore print rusty brown. Cheilocystidia cylindrical-clavate or capitate, thin-walled, hyaline. Habitat on fallen twigs, branches and sawdust; summer. Uncommon. Unknown edibility.

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