Pholiota astragalina


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Pholiota astragalina (Fr.) Singer (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 2–5cm across, cone-shaped with an obtuse umbo, becoming flatly bell-shaped with spreading, upturning, or wavy margin with hairy veil remnants; pinky orange or apricot, paler at margin, fading with age, discolouring blackish in places; smooth, sticky or slimy when wet, pallid. Stem 50–90Γ—4–7mm; pale yellow to drab orange at base, brownish where handled; hollow, fibrous; veil yellow. Flesh orange to yellowish-orange; pliant, watery; taste bitter, smell distinct. Gills sharply and deeply adnexed, appearing free, close, moderately broad; orange-yellow, discolouring where bruised. Spores 5.5–6.5Γ—3.5–4ΒΌ, oval to ellipsoid, smooth, with minute germ pore. Spore print brown. Habitat singly or in small groups on logs, stumps, and rotting coniferous wood; late summer to autumn. Rare on Red Data List. Not edible.

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