Pholiota scamba


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Pholiota scamba (Fr.) M.M. Moser (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 1.5–3cm across, broadly convex, becoming flatter, sometimes with a low umbo, hairs hanging from margin; pallid to pinkish-cinnamon, hairs similar colour; sticky but soon dry, silky, glistening with minute hairs. Gills adnate with a slight tooth, close, medium-broad, edges even; pale yellow, becoming pale olive-brownish. Stem 15–30Γ—1–3mm, often curved; clear yellow above, clay-brown below; solid, minutely woolly or hairy and scaly below, with stiff, rough hairs at base. Flesh yellowish; very soft and watery, cartilaginous; taste mild, smell faintly fragrant. Spores 7–9Γ—4.5–5.5ΒΌ, ovoid to ellipsoid, smooth, germ pore in apex. Spore print cigar-brown. Habitat in groups or dense clusters on mossy conifer logs and debris; early summer to autumn. Uncommon. Not edible.

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