Scurfy Fibrecap

Inocybe petiginosa

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Scurfy Fibrecap Inocybe petiginosa (Fr.) Gillet (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 0.5–1.5cm across, convex to obtusely umbonate; initially covered in small, whitish scales, which are soon lost to leave a brown disc and white margin, the surface silky-fibrous. Stem 15–40×1–2mm; cream to reddish-brown; mealy. Flesh whitish in cap, reddish-brown in stem; thick at disc; taste mild, smell none. Gills adnexed; cream at first, later brown with an olivaceous tint, edge hairy under a lens. Spores 6.5–8.5×4–6¼, ovate, with several blunt knobs. Spore print walnut-brown. Cystidia thick-walled, fusoid; becoming yellow in ammonia. Habitat in deciduous woods, especially beech; autumn. Occasional. Unknown edibility.