Olive Brownie

Hypholoma myosotis

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Olive Brownie Hypholoma myosotis (Fr.) M. Lange syn. Pholiota myosotis (Fr.) Singer (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 1.5–3cm across, convex, becoming flattened or irregularly wavy; olive-brown; smooth, viscid. Stem 70–110×2–5mm, elongated and rooting; dirty yellowish at apex, concolorous with cap below; fragile, becoming hollow. Flesh whitish with yellow tinge; smell slightly mealy. Gills dingy clay to olive-brown with a paler edge. Spores 14.5–19×7–9¼, almond-shaped, smooth. Spore print walnut-brown. Cheilocystidia thin-walled, bottle-shaped, hyaline; pleurocystidia clavate with mucronate apex, staining deeply aniline blue in lactic acid. Habitat in moist, peaty ground, usually in sphagnum; autumn. Occasional, more common in the north. Unknown edibility.