Agaricus devoniensis


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Agaricus devoniensis P.D. Orton (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 3–15cm across, convex to flattened-convex; whitish, tinted pinkish or violaceous; silky. Stem 30–40×10–15mm; white, bruising reddish, covered in scaly remnants of the veil; ring sheathing, white, and short-lived. Flesh white, tinted pink above the gills and in the lower stem; taste and smell mushroomy but not distinctive. Gills free; greyish-pink, darkening with age. Spores 6.5–7×5–5.5¼, subglobose. Spore print dark brown. Cheilocystidia 36–50×10–13¼, tufted, clavate, thin-walled, hyaline or brownish. Habitat on sand dunes, only noticeable after the expanded cap has pushed up through the sand; late summer to autumn. Very rare. Edible.

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