Agaricus pilatianus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Agaricus pilatianus Bohus syn. A. xanthodermus var. pilatianus Bohus (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 6–12cm across, obtusely convex; white at first, becoming smoky- or greyish-brown, bruising yellow when young. Stem 40–80×15–30mm, cylindrical, slightly clavate or tapering at the base; white, becoming tinged ochraceous to brownish; ring white, double. Flesh white, staining yellow in the stem base; taste strong and unpleasant, smell unpleasant, strongly phenolic. Gills free; white at first then pink, finally chocolate-brown. Spores 5.5–6.5×4.3–5.3¼, broadly ovate. Spore print brown. Cheilocystidia 22–30×11–13.5¼, clavate to broadly clavate. Habitat in short grass in gardens or on lawns; autumn. Rare in mainland Europe, with no authenticated recording for Britain. Poisonous causing severe stomach cramps.