Psathyrella pellucidipes


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Psathyrella pellucidipes (Romagn.) M.M. Moser (illustrated life size) Cap 1–2cm across, convex to bell-shaped; hygrophanous, dark tan drying light yellow-brown, striate. Stem 50–70×2–3mm, rooting; whitish to pale brown. Flesh brown in cap, paler in stem; thin. Gills broadly adnate; grey, edge white. Spores 11.5–13.5×6.5–7¼, elliptical to almond-shaped. Spore print black. Habitat in sandy soil; spring to autumn. Very rare. Unknown edibility. Note This collection has been checked (van Waveren) and is found to be the only collection of this species in the herbarium at Kew.

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