Clustered Brittlestem

Psathyrella multipedata


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Clustered Brittlestem Psathyrella multipedata (Peck) A.H. Sm. (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 1–3cm across, conical-convex; dingy clay-brown, drying or ageing cream, striate. Stem 70–120×2–4mm; whitish. Flesh whitish; thin; taste and smell not distinctive. Gills adnate; dark purplish-brown. Spores 6.5–10×3.5–4.5¼, elliptical. Spore print dark brown. Cystidia narrowly fusoid with somewhat swollen base, thin-walled. Habitat amongst grass in open deciduous woodland and on roadsides, in very dense tufts of up to seventy individuals arising from a common base; summer. Frequent. Unknown edibility.

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