Coprinus narcoticus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Coprinus narcoticus (Batsch) Fr. (illustrated life size) Cap 1–1.5cm high, cylindrical-ovate becoming flat, the margin becoming split and rolled back; pale grey, covered in coarse, white, granular meal, becoming buff and warty towards the centre. Stem 15–65×2–8mm, sometimes rooting at the base. Flesh smell strongly of tar-gas. Gills free; white, rapidly becoming black and deliquescing. Spores 11–13.5×5.5–7¼, elliptical to almond-shaped, remains of perispore often visible. Spore print black. Mealy covering of cap formed of globose, thin-walled cells, ornamented with granular warts. Habitat on dung or manured soil; autumn. Rare. Unknown edibility.