Snowy Inkcap

Coprinus niveus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Snowy Inkcap Coprinus niveus (Pers.) Fr. (illustrated life size) Cap 1.5–3cm high, ovate to conical at first, bell-shaped when expanded, with split or rolled-back margin; white, covered in chalk-white meal. Stem 30–90×4–7mm, slightly thickened at base; white; cottony at base. Flesh smell none. Gills free; white, rapidly greying and finally black and deliquescing. Spores 15–19×11–13¼, elliptical or slightly almond-shaped. Spore print black. Mealy covering of cap consisting of globose, smooth, thin-walled cells. Habitat on cow or horse dung; summer to autumn. Frequent. Unknown edibility.