Coprinus impatiens


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Coprinus impatiens (Fr.) Quél. (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 1–3cm high, elliptical then broadly convex, finally flat; pale buff with cinnamon centre, drying whitish, strongly grooved to centre. Stem 70–100×2–4mm; white. Flesh smell none. Gills free; pale clay-buff then greying, hardly deliquescing. Spores 9–12×5–6¼, elliptical. Spore print dark umber. Dermatocystidia 70–120×8–14m, lageniform with rather acute apex, thin-walled. Habitat in leaf litter or soil in deciduous woods, especially beech on chalk; autumn to winter. Occasional. Unknown edibility.

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