Copper Spike

Chroogomphus rutilus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Copper Spike Chroogomphus rutilus (Schaeff.) O.K. Mill. syn. Gomphidius viscidus sensu auct. (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 3–15cm across, convex, umbonate; brick-colour, flushed vinaceous; viscid, drying shiny. Stem 60–120×2–8mm; vinaceous at apex, yellow-buff below, chrome-yellow at stem base; slightly viscid with cottony veil, which leaves irregular zones on the stem. Flesh vinaceous in cap and stem, deep chrome-yellow in stem base; taste and smell somewhat astringent. Gills deeply decurrent; dull olivaceous-buff becoming dirty purplish. Spores 15–22×5.5–7¼, subfusiform. Spore print fuscous black to sepia. Habitat with conifers, usually Pinus sylvestris or other two-needle pines; autumn. Frequent and widespread. Edible but not recommended.