Inkstain Bolete

Boletus pulverulentus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Inkstain Bolete Boletus pulverulentus Opat. syn. Xerocomus pulverulentus (Opat.) E.-J. Gilbert (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 4–9cm across; drab, walnut-brown or milky coffee, often variously flushed red, olive, or purplish; initially downy then smooth, rapidly bruising blue to almost black on handling. Stem 50–65Γ—8–14mm; lemon-chrome or lemon-yellow at apex, elsewhere brownish, becoming streaked blood-red, punctate, bruising dark blue and finally black. Flesh lemon-yellow, turning blue immediately on cutting; taste and smell pleasant. Tubes bright lemon-yellow, bruising dark blue. Pores dark sulphur-yellow, bruising dark blue. Spores 10–14Γ—3.5–6.5ΒΌ, subfusiform. Spore print olivaceous walnut-brown. Habitat in grassy rides of broad-leaved woods, particularly with oak; autumn. Occasional. Edible good.

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