Boletus rhodoxanthus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Boletus rhodoxanthus (Krombh.) Kallenb. (illustrated 25% life size) Cap 6–20cm across, convex; whitish-pink, more pink at margin, discolouring yellowish with age, covered in pinkish-grey slime, but appearing reddish-pink where this has been removed in handling. Stem 50–150×20–50mm; purple-red net on an orange-yellow ground, net becoming indistinct at the olive-grey base. Flesh lemon-yellow, turning light blue in the cap on cutting, eventually fading to yellow; taste sweet, smell strong, fungusy. Tubes yellow, bluing slightly on cutting. Pores golden-yellow, becoming bright blood-red. Spores 10–16×4–5.5¼, olive-brown. Spore print olivaceous. Habitat in beech and oak woods; autumn. Extinct on Red Data List in Britain; this collection was made in Corsica. Poisonous.