Ghost Bolete

Leccinum holopus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Ghost Bolete Leccinum holopus (Rostk.) Watling (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 4–10cm across; dirty white to pale buff, becoming darker and flushed greenish with age; smooth, viscid when fresh. Stem 80–110Γ—8–20mm; white or pale buff, covered with white scales, discolouring cinnamon with age. Flesh white, blue-green in stem base, often pink elsewhere or unchanging; soft; taste and smell pleasant. Tubes white to clay-buff. Pores white to buff, flushed cinnamon with age or on bruising. Spores 17.5–20Γ—5.5–6.5ΒΌ, subfusiform. Spore print cinnamon-ochraceous-buff. Habitat amongst sphagnum under birch; autumn. Rare. Edible but not worthwhile.

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