Poplar Bracket

Oxyporus populinus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Poplar Bracket Oxyporus populinus (Schumach.) Donk (illustrated 40% life size) Bracket 3–6cm×2–3cm across, 1–4cm thick, in tiers; whitish-grey to pale grey-buff, often with an ochraceous tint, frequently green-tinged due to being overgrown by algae or moss; upper surface uneven. Flesh white; smell slightly fungusy. Tubes 2–4mm long in each layer; whitish at first then straw-yellow. Pores 4–7 per mm, circular or slightly angular; whitish. Spores 3.5–4.5×3–4¼, subglobose; white. Cystidia in tubes clavate or fusoid with encrusted apex, thin-walled, hyaline. Hyphal structure monomitic, generative hyphae without clamp connections. Habitat on trunks of deciduous trees; all year. Occasional. Not edible.