Hazel Bracket

Skeletocutis nivea

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Hazel Bracket Skeletocutis nivea (Jungh.) Jean Keller syn. Incrustoporia semipileata (Peck) Donk (illustrated 75% life size) Fruit body usually forming a bracket 2–4cm×0.5–1.5cm across, 0.2–2cm thick, occasionally resupinate; upper surface whitish, older specimens becoming brownish or even blackish behind. Flesh white; succulent. Tubes very short; whitish. Pores 5–9 per mm, more or less circular, very minute, scarcely visible to the unaided eye; whitish then cream, and glancing in the light. Spores 3–4×0.4–0.5¼, sausage-shaped; white. Hyphal structure trimitic, generative hyphae with clamp connections. In the tubes there are hyphal endings that are curved and densely encrusted with crystalline matter. Habitat on twigs and branches of deciduous trees; all year. Frequent. Not edible. Note that both parts of the name have changed.