Lumpy Bracket

Trametes gibbosa

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Lumpy Bracket Trametes gibbosa (Pers.) Fr. syn Pseudotrametes gibbosa (Pers.) Bondartsev & Singer (illustrated 35% life size) Bracket 5–20cm×8–12cm across, 1–8cm thick, semicircular, often with a hump, margin thick when young, becoming acute, single or in groups; upper surface greyish-white, sometimes flushed cinnamon or yellowish, or greenish due to the growth of algae amongst the surface hairs; downy or minutely velvety at first, later smooth. Flesh white; corky. Tubes 3–15mm long; whitish to yellow. Pores 1–2 per mm, elongated, slot-like; grey-white then creamy. Spores 4–5×2–2.5¼, subcylindrical; white. Hyphal structure trimitic. Habitat on dead deciduous trees, especially beech; all year, sporulating in late spring. Common. Not edible. Note in my first book this species was named Pseudotrametes gibbosa.