Hairy Bracket

Trametes hirsuta


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Hairy Bracket Trametes hirsuta (Fr.) Pilát syn. Coriolus hirsutus (Fr.) Quél. (illustrated 55% life size) Bracket 4–10cm×2–6cm across, 0.5–1cm thick, single or in overlapping groups; upper surface covered in silvery hairs, concentrically zoned and contoured, whitish to yellow-brown or grey when young, greying with age. Flesh white; tough and leathery; taste bitter, smell slightly of aniseed when fresh. Tubes 1–5mm long; white to yellowish. Pores 2–4 per mm, subcircular; white at first, later cream, often tinted grey. Spores 5.5–7.5×1.5–2.5¼, elliptical to subcylindrical; whitish. Hyphal structure trimitic. Habitat on dead wood of deciduous trees, especially on the trunks of fallen beech trees in exposed situations; all year. Frequent. Not edible.

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