Peniophora quercina


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Peniophora quercina (Pers.) Cooke (illustrated (h) 45% life size) Fruit body resupinate, forming ochraceous-pink to purple-grey patches 0.1–0.5mm thick, which dry hard and brittle, rolling away from the substrate and back on themselves to show the dark brown or black underside. Flesh hyaline, except for a narrow brownish zone adjacent to the substrate; relatively thick, almost gelatinous. Spores 8–12Γ—3–4ΒΌ, curved-cylindrical; light red. Cystidia fusiform, heavily encrusted with crystalline material, thick-walled, hyaline, often becoming buried as the hymenium thickens. Habitat on dead branches of deciduous trees, especially oak; all year. Common. Not edible.

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