Wood Hedgehog or Pied de mouton Hydnum repandum

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Wood Hedgehog or Pied de mouton Hydnum repandum L. (illustrated (h) 35% life size) Fruit body usually single Cap 3–17cm across, flattened convex or centrally depressed, even; cream, yellowish or pale flesh-coloured; velvety at first then more suede-like. Stem 35–75×15–40mm, often off-centre, cylindrical; white, bruising yellow near base; finely downy. Flesh white, bruising yellow near stem base; taste bitter after a few seconds, smell pleasant. Spines 2–6mm long; whitish to salmon-pink. Spores 6.5–9×5.5–7¼, broadly ellipsoid to subglobose. Spore print white. Habitat in deciduous or coniferous woods; late summer to late autumn. Common. Edible excellent, commonly sold in European markets.