Ridged Tooth

Hydnellum scrobiculatum

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Ridged Tooth Hydnellum scrobiculatum (Fr.) P. Karst (illustrated 50% life size) Fruit body single or fused with others. Cap 2–6cm across, centrally depressed, radially wrinkled or ridged over the entire surface and usually coarsely roughened with spiky processes; initially whitish then pinkish to brown, darkening towards the centre, bruising blackish; velvety then fibrillose, finally shiny. Stem 10–20×2–10mm, cylindrical, tapered or bulbous at the base; concolorous with cap; velvety or matted and wrinkled. Flesh smell mealy. Spines 1–4mm long; whitish, becoming purplish-brown. Spores 5.5–7×4.5–5¼, tuberculate. Spore print brown. Habitat in coniferous and mixed woods; autumn. Occasional, endangered on Red Data List, a conserved species on the Biodiversity Action Plan. Unknown edibility.