Woolly Tooth

Phellodon tomentosus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Woolly Tooth Phellodon tomentosus (L.) Banker (illustrated 45% life size) Fruit bodies tough, shallowly funnel-shaped, mostly fused together. Cap 1.5–4cm across, flat to depressed; initially white then yellowish-brown and finally deep brown with darker colour zones; downy at first, becoming wrinkled or ridged, sometimes pitted in the centre. Stem 5–10×2–8mm, arising from a common mycelial pad; mottled yellow-brown to deep brown; smooth to fibrillose. Flesh pale brownish in cap, dark brown in stem; smell of fenugreek when dry. Spines 1–2mm long; white then grey. Spores 3–3.5×2.5–3¼, oval, minutely spiny. Spore print white to yellowish. Habitat in coniferous and mixed woodland; late summer. Occasional, endangered on Red Data List, a conserved species on the Biodiversity Action Plan. Not edible.