Fused Tooth

Phellodon confluens

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Fused Tooth Phellodon confluens (Pers.) Pouzar (illustrated 80% life size) Fruit bodies usually fused together. Cap 2–6cm across, flat to depressed; white, becoming cream to dark tan from centre out; thickly downy at first, centre becoming roughened or pitted. Stem 10–20×5–15mm, stocky, sometimes very short, often tapering towards downy base; white, discolouring yellow- to grey-brown with age. Flesh white to grey-brown in cap, much darker in stem; smell of fenugreek when dried. Spines 1–2mm long; white, later grey- or violet-tinged. Spores 3.5–4.5×3–4¼, subglobose, spiny. Spore print white. Habitat with beech, chestnut, and especially oak, more rarely in mixed conifer woods; autumn. Uncommon, endangered on Red Data List, a conserved species on the Biodiversity Action Plan. Unknown edibility.