Devil’s Fingers

Clathrus archeri


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Devil’s Fingers Clathrus archeri (Berk.) Dring syn. Anthurus archeri (Berk.) E. Fisch. (illustrated 25% life size) Fruit body 5×4cm, egg-shaped, whitish volva breaking into 4–8 starfish-like arms up to 10cm long; red to pink, with olivaceous-black spore-bearing material on the inner side. Flesh smell strong, fetid with a hint of radish. Spores average 5×2¼; olive-brown. Habitat in gardens and leaf litter; late summer to autumn. A native Australian fungus now found in warmer areas of Europe. Uncommon. Not edible. Note the red colour is distinctive; these specimens are unusually pale. Photographed by Mark Hampton.

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