Lemon Disco

Bisporella citrina


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Lemon Disco Bisporella citrina (Batsch) Korf & S.E. Carp. syn. Calycella citrina (Hedw.) Boud. (illustrated 65% life size) Fruit body 0.5–3mm across, saucer-shaped, tapered below to small base; bright yellow, becoming orange-yellow when old or dried; exterior smooth. Spores 9–14Γ—3–5ΒΌ, elliptical, often becoming 1-septate, containing 2 oil drops at each end. Asci 135Γ—10ΒΌ. Habitat gregarious in dense swarms on dead wood of deciduous trees; autumn. Common. Not edible.

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