Elaphomyces muricatus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Elaphomyces muricatus Fr. (illustrated 65% life size) Fruit body 2–5cm across, globose; outer peridium bright ochre-brown, covered in pointed warts, inner much thicker, marbled purplish-brown; within these a powdery spore mass becomes grey-black as the spores mature. Spores 18–24¼, globose, warted. Spore print purplish-black. Asci globose, usually 4-spored. Habitat buried in topsoil of pine woods, less often in deciduous woods; all year. Uncommon. Unknown edibility. Note the very similar False Truffle E. granulatus Fr. (below with Cordyceps longisegmentis) has a thin peridium (1.5mm) and larger spores (23–35¼).