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The New Vegetarian

The New Vegetarian

By Colin Spencer

Published 1986

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Pot barley

Barley flakes

In ancient times, barley was often used to make bread. Nowadays it is more often used for thickening soups and stews. Cooked on its own it will make a pleasant alternative to potatoes, rice or pasta. Barley is available in many forms. Barley flakes are made from the whole grains which are processed and then dried. They can be eaten raw in muesli or cooked to make a variety of porridge Pearl barley is a refined version of pot barley, and is therefore far less nutritious. It takes only 15 minutes to cook and is used in soups and stews. Pot barley is the whole grain, which has had only the hard outer husk removed, so it is rich in protein. It takes a good 30 minutes to cook and is used on its own or added to soups and stews.