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The New Vegetarian

The New Vegetarian

By Colin Spencer

Published 1986

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Semolina (unrefined)

Matzoh meal

Wheat flakes


Cous cous

Refined semolina


Probably the most important grain of all, there are two basic types: common or bread wheat, and durum wheat.
Common wheat is used mainly for flour to be used in bread and cakes. There are two types: hard wheat (best for milling and bread making) and soft wheat (starchier, with fluffier grains; it is best for cakes, desserts and sauces). Wheat is available in many forms. Cracked wheat consists of whole wheat grains that are cracked open by machine (to make cooking easier and quicker). Boiled or baked, they make an excellent substitute for rice. Wheat flakes are flattened and usually toasted. They can be eaten raw as part of a breakfast cereal or cooked, like rolled oats, into a coarse porridge. Wheat bran and wheat germ can both be used as cereal ingredients.