Cooked Meat and Poultry

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Pre-cooked joints, steaks and chops do not freeze successfully, since the outer surface sometimes develops an off-flavour, and reheating dries out the meat. Fried meats also tend to toughness, dryness and rancidity when frozen. Cold meat can be frozen in slices, with or without sauce. Good cooked dishes for freezing include casseroles, stews, cottage pie, galantines and meat loaves, meat balls, meat sauces, and meat pies. It is very important that all cooked meats should be cooled quickly before freezing. Where ingredients such as meat and gravy are to be combined, they should be thoroughly chilled separately before mixing.
It is preferable to freeze meat and poultry slices in gravy or sauce to make them keep their juiciness. Both the meat and the gravy or sauce should be cooled quickly, separately, before packing. These slices are best packaged in foil containers, covered with a lid, and this can save time in reheating as the container can go straight into the oven, keeping the meat moist. These frozen slices in gravy should be heated for 30 minutes at 350°F/180°C/Gas Mark 4. High Quality Storage Life: 2 months.

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