Broccolini, Asparation

Hybrid of Brassica oleracea, Botrytis Group and B. oleracea, Alboglabra Group


Also baby broccoli, mini-broccoli

If you were seeking a pharmaceutical to deliver hope to the respiratory system, you might check out something with a name like Asparation. It seems unlikely that you’d go shopping for a vegetable—but that is the cultivar name for a recently developed broccoli hybrid. Perhaps Broccolini, a name trademarked by one of its growers, is closer to the mark.
Happily, this slim, elegant little vegetable is far more appealing than its names. It requires no trimming to speak of, lasts admirably, cooks in minutes, looks charming on the plate, and tastes like crisp, delicate broccoli without the cabbagey note. Bright green, crunchy, and smooth, it is rewarding hot, cold, or at room temperature.