Vine Products

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Oxford Companion to Wine

Oxford Companion to Wine

By Jancis Robinson

Published 2006

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vine products, the range of products produced from the vine. The grapevine is the world’s most important fruit crop, and wine and its brandy distillates are by far the most important of its products. Other products include drying grapes, table grapes, grape juice, grape concentrate, vinegar, verjus, grapeseed oil, and rectified grape must. There are other minor products: grapevine cuttings (sarments in French) can be used for propagation or for barbecue firewood (although the latter is indeed a minor use); vine leaves are used in Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine and for wrapping certain cheeses; a range of cosmetics based on grapevine products exists; and pharmaceutical companies have even started selling grape-derived resveratrol tablets with supposed health benefits.