Ingredient Sources

Appears in

Aftelier Perfumes (Chef’s Essences) 510-841-2111

Albert Uster Imports (cobasan) 800-231-8154

American Almond Products
(praline paste, almond paste)
American Spoon
(preserves, fruit butters, and syrups) 888-735-6700

Bakels (rolled fondant)

Bessie Unbleached Pastry Flour (specialty flours)

Boyajian (citrus oils) 800-965-0665
(vanilla and almond extracts; citrus oils) 800-596-0885

The Chefs’ Warehouse (specialty baking ingredients)

Chocosphere (chocolate) 877-992-4626

Coco Savvy (crystallized flowers) 619-985-7161

Crossings (vanilla extract)

Easy Leaf Products (edible gold and silver leaf) 800-569-5323

Edible Gold 415-407-5097

flavorganics (peppermint and other organic extracts)

Guittard (chocolate) 800-468-2462

Hawaiian Vanilla Company
(vanilla extract, powder, and beans)

Heilala Vanilla (vanilla extract, powder, and beans)

India Tree (Muscovado and powdered cane sugar) 800-369-4848

Kalustyan’s (pistachios, dried fruit) 800-352-3451

Keenan Farms (pistachios)

King Arthur Flour (bread flour and dry milk powder)

La Cuisine (specialty flours, sugars, and flavorings) 800-521-1176

Lucks (food decorating supplies) 800-426-9778

Maison Glass (praline paste) 800-822-5564

Nielsen-Massey (almond extract, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean paste)

N.Y. Cake (cake decorating and baking supplies) 800-942-2539

Paris Gourmet (specialty foods)

Pastry Chef Central
(candied orange peel and rolled fondant) 888-750-2433

Penzeys Spices (flavorings, spices, and herbs) 800-741-7787

The Peppermill (kosher gourmet foods)

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley (fruit purees)

Pfeil & Holing (cake decorating supplies) 800-247-7955

Safest Choice (pasteurized eggs in the shell) 800-410-7619

Scharffen Berger (chocolate)

Swans Down Cake Flour

Taam Tov Foods (kosher chocolate)

718-788-8880 ext. 127

Valrhona (chocolate)

the Vanilla company (vanilla extract and vanilla powder)

Vital Choice (organic nuts) 800-608-4825

Wilton (cake decorating supplies and ideas) 800-794-5866