Troubleshooting Sweet Cookie Tart Crust

Pâte Sucrée

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Problem: The dough cracks when rolling it.

Solution: Gather it up and knead it until smooth. If absolutely necessary, spritz with a little water.

Problem: The crust is too thick where the bottom meets the sides.

Solution: Use the bottom of a glass tumbler or your fingers to press it well to thin it in this area before chilling and baking.

Problem: During blind baking in a tart pan, the dough slips down.

Solution: The dough will always slip down about ¼ inch, but to prevent it from slipping further or becoming uneven, make sure to chill the dough-lined tart pan thoroughly (freeze it for best results) before baking and push the rice, beans, or pie weights well up against the sides of the pan.