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First and foremost, I would like to thank my mother and my grandmother for filling me with the passion to cook and the magic to make it happen.

I would also like to thank Tim Morgan and the entire Morgan family for their patient palates over the years as my recipes came to life.

In truth, this book would not be a reality without the love and support that I have received from the following people: Lisa Hickey, for giving me that first chance and her years of unwavering support; Dave Marglin, for his guidance, patience, and profound intellect; David and Cindy Price, for that life-changing summer cooking for them in France; Allison Walsh, for reminding me that less is definitely more; my parents, for bringing me into the world; my brothers and sisters, for keeping me company along the way; my editors at Chronicle Books, Bill LeBlond and Sarah Billingsley, for seeing my potential and helping me actualize it; Marcy Posner at Sterling Lord Literistic, for the very same reason; Knoxy, for her vision and photographic brilliance; Joy, for giving birth to Knoxy; Phyllis, for her creative input; Blair Richardson, for her beautiful graphic design work; Hunter Cross, for my Web support; Liz Lambert of the Hotel St. Cecilia, for allowing us to photograph there; Barry of Howl, for his generous spirit; Steve and the crew from Uncommon Objects, for having such fabulous taste; Merritt Loughran Meade, for helping catapult Blackbird Bakery into the consciousness of people; and every single other person I have encountered in the last seven years, as it is from these relationships that I found my true calling.