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Classic Turkish Cooking

By Ghillie Basan

Published 1995

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While researching and photographing this book, we have run into a chain of infectious enthusiasm as people, some of whom we had never met before, tirelessly offered their assistance - sometimes pressing into our hands scribbled recipes and small packages of food, proudly identifying dishes from their particular regions of Turkey. To these people we offer our sincere thanks and hope that this book will help to identify Turkish cookery on the culinary map.

We would particularly like to mention our good friend Hasan Selamet for his artistic direction and willingness to share his intimate knowledge of Istanbul and its food; Serdar Palas, for his guidance and culinary input; Kenan Eren, for his companionship in eastern Anatolia; Taşkut Adanir of May, Istanbul, for the loan of his Anatolian artefacts; Sibel Iren for the use of her plate collection; Edith Oyhon for her pharmacological tips; Deniz Restorán and Boncuk Meyhanesi, Istanbul; Bülent Banni of Mantitheque, Istanbul; Osman bey of Kimene in the Çiçek Pasaji, Istanbul, for years of food and gypsy music; Volkan Öztaş and Ismail Seymen of Yaşar Kuru Yemişci in the Mısır Çarsısı, Istanbul; Mustafa Günder of şömene, Ürgüp; Hüseyin Dengel and Yildiray şih of Gemibaşi, still the best restaurant in Bodrum; Zahide şibik for her warm welcome in Avanos; and Belkis Aksunkur and the late Emin Dirvana for their stories of old.