The Principal Basic Culinary Preparations

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The principal basic culinary preparations include:
  • Bouillons or stocks specifically made for soups.

  • Consommés which are the same Bouillons or stocks specially clarified.

  • Brown stocks and white stocks— beef, veal, chicken, game and fish; these are the basis for making the thickened gravies and basic sauces.

  • Fumets and Essences—these are the complementary adjuncts used to enhance the quality of the small sauces.

  • Glazes—meat, chicken, game and fish.

  • Roux—brown, blond and white.

  • Foundation or Basic sauces—Espagnole (brown sauce), Velouté, Béchamel, tomato.

  • Savoury or Aspic Jellies—meat and fish.