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In culinary terms, cabbages may be divided into seven different types:
  • 1) White cabbage which is almost exclusively used for making Sauerkraut (Choucroute).

  • 2) Red cabbage which is used as a vegetable, as an Hors-d’oeuvre and as a pickle.

  • 3) Round green cabbages which are best when plain boiled or braised.

  • 4) Scotch kale and spring cabbage which are usually plain boiled.

  • 5) Cauliflower and broccoli of which only the flower part is normally used; the leaves may, however, be plain boiled when they are tender.

  • 6) Brussels sprouts.

  • 7) Kohlrabi and swedes of which the tender young leaves can be cooked but usually only the bulbous root is used in the same way as turnips.