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Blancmange is very rarely made nowadays which is to be regretted because when well made it can be one of the best sweets served.

The blancmange which is served in England is entirely different from the kind that is made in other countries, but can be equally as good and it makes an excellent and wholesome sweet dish as may be seen from the recipe.

Correctly speaking and to be in accordance with its title, a blancmange should always be of a brilliant whiteness. However, for a long time now this composite name has lost its original significance; the adjective and the verb which comprise the name have become merged into one and it now represents only a general term which is applied equally to coloured blancmanges. The mistake in so far as the French language is concerned, is very old, since the verbal error dates from before the time of Carême; perhaps it should be forgotten and allowed to fade away.

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